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Network Chiropractic of Albuquerque Services

NetworkSpinal® Chiropractic Care

Our focus at Network Chiropractic of Albuquerque is NetworkSpinal® Chiropractic Care. NetworkSpinal is a gentle form of chiropractic care that uses a type of adjustment called an “entrainment” to help the body learn how to correct itself. When there is interference in your nervous system, symptoms appear as messages, that you need to change something about your life. As you heal, what your body does changes, and eventually you don’t need the symptom to remind you to change your life.

Entrainments use the body’s natural rhythm to restore balance. Our Doctors will work with areas of the body that have the most ease and coherence, and amplify that so that the rest of the body can move into that same rhythm. NetworkSpinal helps the brain identify the tension the body has been holding onto and helps it to experience it in a new way. Using a series of light manual touches, we help the body release its own tension and come into greater coherence and ease.

The goal of NetworkSpinal is to help the body move out of the entrenched fight-or-flight mode of the sympathetic nervous system, and to move into rest-and-repair.

Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI)

An essential component of the Network approach is SRI, which is a system of movement and breath work. The goal of SRI is to help the body move into the rest/repair state of the parasympathetic nervous system. Initially, as team member will guide you in SRI. You’ll use your own hands to touch your body to link different nerve centers. As you bring breath and movement into that area, your body receives a different message—you’re helping your body teach itself how to respond to stressors. SRI is taught so that you are able to practice this on your own. In the office, we sell the 12 Stages and SRI workbook that Donny Epstein has written to support you in practicing this gentle healing technique with yourself.

Extensive research has been conducted on Network Spinal Analysis and Somato Respiratory Integration. In one study (in which Dr. Trey participated), 95% of the participants said they got the results they were looking for, and 99% said they wanted to continue with Network Care and SRI. In another study, researchers compared people who had only received Network Spinal Analysis with people who did yoga, meditation and consumed a vegetarian diet. They found that Network was twice as effective in promoting overall health.

You’ll find more research behind these life-changing healing modalities at the EpiEnergetics website.

AlchemE Mentor™

AlchemE Mentor™ sessions are intended to guide you in the conscious use of your focused attention and energetic recipes that can impact various areas of your life, your influence upon others, your force of attraction and manifestation, in very real, constructive, and often seemingly “magical” ways that increase your access to Creation’s Codes®.

Mentor “Interactives” involve conversing and directly experiencing the energetics and strategies that influence your body, emotions, thoughts, and your impact in and upon your life. Together with the AlchemE Mentor, you will discover, enhance and consciously choose more effective energetic ways for experiencing, giving meaning, and manifesting in life.

By being able to consciously align to your natural and most optimized energetic coherent way of being, you can become more of the change you wish for the world and yourself.

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Mentoring sessions exclusively address the energetics that are influencing your experience of the world. Since every emotion, thought, memory, hope, concept and physical experience of reality and the world exists with a characteristic amount of energy, the sessions and mentoring relationship are based upon unique approaches. You will be exploring the amount and type of energy that supports your experience and level of resourcefulness and how to transform this energetic in real and immediate ways and outcomes. As it is about your energetics, you are responsible for the outcomes and no particular results are promised or guaranteed.

The Mentoring relationship is distinct in its intent and applications from the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social and diagnostic health and therapeutic professions. If you have had or experience any symptoms or conditions – physical, emotional, mental, psychological, or spiritual – for which you seek relief or remedy, you will need to seek the help of such doctors, therapists, or other professionals whose services are the diagnosis and treatment of symptoms and conditions.

The AlchemE Mentor Interactive sessions are exclusively for educational and experiential purposes as described above. The services provided will consist of information and suggestions that are intended to assist you to consciously employ available free energy to instantly fuel the self-organizing intelligences of creation to enhance your life in ways that you choose, through a new radiant, coherent and effortlessly manifesting energy field.

The purpose of these sessions is to help you connect to the energies of creation and know what extraordinary is in various domains of your life. They are designed to let you explore and experience the energetic mastery in your life and support you to consciously access and use the Creation’s Codes.

The AlchemE Mentoring sessions are exclusively provided by AlchemE Mentors. Educational and experiential, these are based upon a very specific AlchemE Mentor training. Each Mentor has studied and personally utilized these energetic skills in their lives for at least two years with continued AlchemE personal training. Through having personally experienced Creation’s Codes in action and being passionate about the impact for themselves and others, they have chosen to be able to assist others with the wisdom and magic that has so profoundly impacted their lives.

Each Mentor practices as an independent agent serving their clients and humanity in a way inspired by his/her AlchemE Mentor training. The Mentor will draw upon personal and professional skills to provide customized Interactive sessions for your exclusive access according to your individual needs and requests.

Core Synchronism

Core Synchronism is a gentle bodywork technique that restores mental/emotional, energetic and physical balance to the body. It helps the body self-correct and create harmony within, using a powerful blend of cranial-osteopathy, polarity therapy and natural therapeutic modalities.

BEMER® Therapy

BEMER® is a Class II medical device that delivers a patented therapeutic pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) signal to support muscle health and performance. It helps increase oxygen and nutrient flow into the muscle cells to facilitate healing.

Athletes use BEMER therapy to speed recovery during training, as well as to improve performance. But BEMER isn’t just for athletes—healthy, oxygenated muscles are good for everyone and can help increase energy levels.

Group Workshops

We offer frequent group workshops to help patients get the most out of their Network chiropractic care and build a sense of community among our practice members. We also schedule regular community dinners, classes and events to share Network with people throughout Albuquerque.

Giving back to the community we love is important to us, and we support many local causes, including animal shelters and sustainable farming.

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