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Meet the Team at Network Chiropractic of Albuquerque

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Meet Our Staff


Melissa, Front Desk Coordinator

When you walk into Network Chiropractic of Albuquerque, Melissa is one of the first people you’ll meet! We’re thrilled to have her as a part of our team. Melissa is our Front Office Coordinator, answering the phone and responding to text messages and emails, as well as helping practice members get their appointments scheduled. She also enjoys helping practice members register for our community brunches and dinners, special events and celebrations. Melissa is an expert at juggling the many and varied tasks her position requires, while tending with heartfelt interest and care in our practice members’ well-being. She is bilingual and loves speaking with our Practice Members in either Spanish or English.

Before joining our team, Melissa had previous experience with structural chiropractic and grew up in a holistic household. When she discovered NetworkSpinal®, she was amazed, and knew she had to be a part of it.

Outside of the practice, Melissa enjoys spending time with her family, mountain biking, kayaking, or snowboarding in the winter. Get to know more about her when you visit us for our next appointment.


Krystal, Clinical Coordinator

Krystal, our Clinical Coordinator, guides new patients through their first 2 appointments, performing the consultations and clinical testing as well as going over any financial responsibility so there are never any surprises in your care. She’s here to make you feel welcome, seen and heard, and assist you with making it easy for you to receive our care. She cares deeply about people and is excited by the changes she witnesses as practice members travel through their healing journey.

Krystal has spent her entire career working in healthcare in various capacities, from hospital emergency rooms to rehab centers. She was delighted to have discovered NetworkSpinal® Chiropractic Care because it aligns with her own personal values and healing ideals.

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Doing practice member progress reports is so fulfilling-seeing their improvement and how happy they are is simply the best.”

When she isn’t helping others, Krystal enjoys spending time in the mountains, which she calls her happy place. You can find her hiking, laying in a hammock, kayaking, paddle boarding, or spending time with her three children. She also loves to cook, and she and her family own a functioning breeding and training ranch for horses.

Get to know more about her when you visit us for your next appointment.

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